Rome Virtual Tour

Rome Virtual Tour


Main Roman Attractions:




The Colosseum is the eternal symbol of Rome having been constructed more than 2000 years ago…





St Peter’s Basilica

S Pietro


The centre of the Roman Catholic faith, St Peter’s Basilica attracts pilgrims from all over the world…




Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

The most famous architectural structures of the square are the Fountain by Bernini and the S.Agnese’s Church  of Borromini





Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi

From Via del Tritone we enter Via della Stamperia, which leads to the Trevi Fountain, certainly the most famous and spectacular fountain in Rome…





Spanish Steps

Piazza di Spagna

The piazza, church and famous Scalinata Spagna (Spanish Steps) have long provided a gathering place for foreigners…







The Pantheon Rome is the only completely intact piece of Roman Architecture left in the world…





Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza Repubblica

The Piazza Repubblica was part of the great redevelopment undertaken when Rome became part of a unified Italy…





Chiesa S.Maria Maggiore

Santa Maria Maggiore

Of all the great Roman Churches and basilicas the Church of St Mary Major Rome enjoys the most successful blend of different architectural styles…





Piazza Farnese

Piazza Farnese

The Piazza Farnese in Rome is home to the French Embassy. The embassy is housed within the impressive walls of the Palazzo Farnese…





Palazzo della Civiltà

Palazzo della Civiltà

The E.U.R. Project was initiated in the 1920′s – financed and inspired by the fascist Mussolini Government…







The Parliament is informally known as Piazza “Colonna” – due to the presence of a huge obelisk in the middle of the square…





Olympic Stadium


An Italian football match is an experience not to be missed for the quality of the play and the fun atmosphere…