The Colosseum is the eternal symbol of Rome having been constructed more than 2000 years ago. Still standing the Colosseum is known the world over and is the most visited attraction in Italy and at least a couple of hours should be spent touring all the nooks and crannies of its’ interior. We recommend that you pay for a guide who are available for hire outside as they really know their stuff and will wow you with some grizzly tales of the Colosseum’s shady past. The Colosseum has recently been controversally adorned with flurooscent lights which make it just as spectacular in the evenings…

Did You Know? The Colosseum could seat in excess of 60 thousand spectators… also the Gladiator Residence Ludus Magnus which is located on Via Labicana was connected to the Colosseum by means of an underground tunnel stretching 200 metres.